UNO Rick and Morty and UNO Minimalista

Can UNO ever be sleek? Well, as it turns out, it actually can. Folks, meet the UNO Minimalista. It is the same ol’ card game you have known, but in the most minimalistic way, design speaking, possible.

Gone are the cartoonish look with the iconic oblique splashed across each card. The design of the cards, right down to the trademark logo, is completely simplified.

UNO Minimalista

Where you used to find an oblique with the select color and white with white border, is now just a single color, border-less card with a minimal numerals or symbols on them.

On the reverse side, it felt like UNO has turned on the Dark Mode, presented with a minimalistic UNO logo and multi-color bar against a black background. The reverse design can also be found on its packaging, which is now more akin to a deck of playing cards. It’s kind of classy, if you ask me.

Overall, UNO Minimalista feels like the black card of card games.

UNO Rick and Morty

If you prefer something more vibrant and you happen to be a fan of Rick & Morty, you may want to check out the UNO: Rick and Morty.

With UNO: Rick and Morty, each card features a unique graphic from the Rick and Morty animated series. Plus, it is played slightly different with the traditional UNO. Exists within the deck the “Mr. Meeseeks” rule that lets you search the discard pile for a useful card because, that’s what Mr. Meeseeks do. It obeys your wishes.

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UNO Minimalista will sell for $9.90 a pack when it becomes available.

As UNO: Rick and Morty, it can be had for $7.90 from GameStop (but we can’t verify as GameStop website has stop working for us for the longest time), or if you fancy, you can find it on Amazon for $5.99.

UNO Rick and Morty

Images: Mattel.