Mankind made history on July 19, 1969 when NASA astronauts landed on the lunar surface for the first time. If you are space nut, that was an event not to be forgotten, ever. In fact, it was an event to be celebrated and remembered. Beside picking the LEGO Creator Expert 10266 NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander, which you probably already did, as a celebration and a reminder of this momentous achievement, you can also consider picking the Apollo 11: an Epic Moon Landing Flip Book Edition from Flipboku too.

Apollo 11 Epic Moon Landing Flip Book Edition

Actually, no. You will want to own these flip books (there are two volumes) because, they explain the most complex phases of the mission in the most magical and fun way possible.

Here’s the official description:

Volume 1, The Iconic Footage features original sequences from the NASA archives filmed 50 years ago. Volume 2, The Animated Journey, has animated sequences explaining the most complex and significant maneuvers of the mission, based on original NASA illustrations from 1966.

If you need more reasons to own the flip books, well, the folks at Flipboku sure can give you more:

Each flip book has an Augmented Reality code on its cover allowing you to view the different spacecraft used during the mission through an app. We’ve also made a deck of 70 neatly designed Commemorative Cards that give additional insight about the entire Apollo Program.

We also have an extra special limited edition reward, that apart from including the flip books and the commemorative cards also includes a real fragment of mission-flown Kapton Foil that protected the Apollo 11’s Command Module during its re-entry to Earth 50 years ago!

You can learn more in the video below, or hit up Apollo 11: an Epic Moon Landing Flip Book Edition’s campaign page on Kickstarter to check out the perks. Prices range from €19-219 (about US$21-246), depending on the perks you desire and how soon you act on it.

All images courtesy of Flipboku.

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