Before we get on with it, can I just say that I am on the fence about this whole keyboard/USB hub hybrid product? And so, yes, what you see before you is a mash up of a keyboard and a USB hub called Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub.

TBH, I think it is both a brilliant and terrible idea. Hear me out. When you get a wireless keyboard, you’d expect freedom of it not hooked up to anything. However, in the case of Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub, the wireless keyboard will be burdened by quite a few things (if you take advantage of all the ports it has to offer).

Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub All-In-One Keyboard

If you have the habit of moving your wireless keyboard like I do, then this may not be a good idea. If you don’t and don’t mind cables (yes, you now will have more than a single cable) snaking out the back of the keyboard, then this falls straight into the ‘one less peripheral to own’ category.

Obviously, the major boon here is, you won’t be needing a separate USB hub which is always a good thing. Speaking of ports, this little guy has an abundance. You get a HDMI, a TF and a SD card slot, a USB 2.0 port, three USB 3.0 port and two USB-C port (of which one does Power Delivery up to 100w).

The keyboard itself has a lot to offer to. It includes a scratch-resistance, aluminum unibody design, concave backlit keys, and scissor-switch keys that promised zero latency.

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Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub All-In-One Keyboard is an interesting approach to reducing clutter which maybe does not quite reduce clutter. But hey, at least, you will have one less thing on the desk.

Like I said, I am on the fence on this. But if you are sold by the idea, you may want to join the 800+ backers on Kickstarter in pre-ordering a unit for 848 Hong Kong dollars or more (or about US$109 or more). Not going to lie, the price is very attractive – especially you are getting two products for less than the price of one product. Keep going for the pitch video to learn more.

All images courtesy of Kolude.

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