U.S. Space Force Guardian Service Dress

U.S. Space Force (not to be confused with Netflix’s hilarious parody series Space Force), since its formation in late 2019 under Trump’s administration, has been quickly taking shape.

U.S. Space Force Guardian Service Dress

From the revealing of the suspiciously Trekkie-like logo to the combat uniform and to the more recent reveal of its plans at the recent Air Force Association Air, Space and Cyber Conference at National Harbor, Maryland.

During this presentation, Chief of Space Force Operations Gen. John W. “Jay” Raymond also previewed the latest U.S. military branch’s Guardian Service Dress prototype.

But let’s face it. Whatever the U.S. Space Force revealed, it is going to expect a barrage of criticism and sometimes, just sometimes, for good reasons:

U.S. Space Force Guardian Service Dress

Apparently, the design is not exactly the newest idea. Someone on Twitter pointed out that the Japanese Self-Defense Force has a very similar design for their military ceremonial getups. Save for the buttons, it looks awfully like Star Trek: The Original Series’ uniform and this:

NBC Battlestar Galactica screenshot
Credit: NBC via @Tnkboy89

Personally, I have nothing against the uniform, but seriously, somebody has to do something about the pants:

U.S. Space Force Guardian Service Dress

On related news, Chief Master Sergeant of the Space Force, Roger A. Towberman, has revealed the new design of the Space Force’s enlisted rank insignia:

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I have to admit, the insignia designs are pretty dope.

Images: U.S. Space Force.