Pearce Knives Wrench Knife

What do you do with hand tools that you no longer need? Most people would chuck it aside, or dump it off into the trash can, but Logan Pearce did something more extraordinary with them. He turned everyday objects like bolts, wrenches, drill bits and horseshoe, into fully functional knives and the result is nothing less than mind-blowing. So, if you are bored with knives with regular handle and butt, Pearce Knives are what you need to fill your collection. Though, it is worthy to note that Logan also made “regular looking” knives, but beneath the “regular look” of some of these knives, the blades are still hand-forged from regular items like horseshoe rasp and there are also unique examples that are not made from everyday items too.

Pearce Knives Tire Tool Knife

Obviously, we have our eyes on those that made from everyday tools, such as the railroad spike knife, horseshoe knife, tire tool knife, rebar knife and our favorite, the wrench knife, which was fashioned from, well, a wrench, hammered, bent and forged. This particular example retains one end of the wrench and part of the handle still sports the wrench size marking. The blade is hand-buffed to a shiny mirror finish and the best part about this tool and most of Logan Pearce’s creations is, no two will be the same. With the exception of some, there’s no way the handles fashioned out of rebar, for example, will have the same ergonomics as a proper knife handle made from ‘proper’ materials, but really, Pearce Knives are worthy of collectibles, nonetheless.

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Interested? Then we suggest that you hit up Pearce Knives website to check them out. Prices from as low as 35 bucks. More look after the break.

Pearce Knives Horseshoe Knives

Pearce Knives Rail Spike Knife

Pearce Knives Drill Knife

Pearce Knives Rebar Knife

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