According to a 2022 survey by The Vacationer, 80% of participants stated they plan to take a road trip this summer. Furthermore, 20% plan to travel more than 500 miles from their home via car, and another 17% plan to journey up to 1,000 miles from home.

A 5-Step Guide For A Road Trip
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If you are one of the many people planning a US adventure this summer, you must ensure your vehicle is safe, comfortable, clean, and efficient. Plan the perfect journey by checking out this five-step guide for a road trip.

Step 1: Organize Essential Vehicle Documents

A road trip will likely be smooth sailing, but issues can arise during travel. Prevent problems and delays by organizing all essential auto documents before a long journey.

For example, store your vehicle registration, insurance card, auto club information, and license in one folder, which you can quickly grab if you are pulled over, break down or experience a collision. If you plan to cross a country border, such as venturing into Canada, make sure you bring an up-to-date passport and ensure your passengers do the same.

Step 2: Arrange a Maintenance Check

A maintenance check will ensure your car is in good working order before a road trip. A mechanic will top up your vehicle’s fluids to avoid an unwanted breakdown, such as the engine coolant and oil. Also, they will go underneath the hood to ensure the engine is in excellent shape, and they will thoroughly inspect the vehicle’s filters, battery, hoses, fuses, belts, tire tread, and brake system.

Step 3: Customize Your Vehicle

A few customizations can transform the look, feel, and performance of your vehicle during a road trip. For example, you can add a Toyota Tundra grille to the SUV to transform the vehicle’s design while reducing aerodynamic drag, boosting the engine warm-up time, and improving gas mileage. Look for options to increase your car’s function and comfort, such as installing a roof rack, bicycle back, or storage solutions. It will lead to a smoother, more enjoyable journey for you and your loved ones.

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Step 4: Bring Your Spare Vehicle Key

Road trips are fun, but they can also feel stressful at times. You might not only need to wait in lengthy traffic, but you will need to unload belongings, stop for gas, and take toilet breaks along the way. During the rush, you or your passengers might make the mistake of locking the keys inside your vehicle. Keep a spare key on your person to ensure you can quickly access your car should you become locked out, which will prevent the need for roadside assistance.

Step 5: Carry Some Cash with You

Despite most hotels, stores, and restaurants accepting card payments, others might require cash-only purchases. Prevent a rush to the ATM by carrying cash on you during a road trip. It will allow you to pay a bill without issues, and you will have money to leave a tip for a server or bellhop.

Featured photo by Pexels from Pixabay.

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