Military-style, rugged smartwatch is not new. So is GPS smartwatch. But what makes BeiDou Syntime Military Smartwatch stands out is, as the name suggests, it is by BeiDou. You know, the navigation satellite system operated by the CNSA.

Beidou Syntime Military Smartwatch

And BeiDou Syntime Military Smartwatch does not just look military; it is military. The watch is described as “China’s People Liberation Army Standard Time Watch.” So, it is through and through a military watch.

It is outfitted with a MIP (Memory-In-Pixels) display that is said to be bright in a bright environment and dim when in a lowlight environment. The display is non-touch. Instead, functions are accessed using five buttons on either side of the watch which is perfect for glove-wearing users.

The key selling point of a GPS watch coming from a satellite system is obvious; the watch can directly link to the third phase of the BeiDou system, BDS-3 to realize satellite time sync for super-accurate timekeeping. In addition, there is a cloud trailer navigation function that allows you to set the destination and let the satellite guide you as you make your hike.

Beidou Syntime Military Smartwatch

Beyond its GPS features, the Beidou Syntime Military Smartwatch is pretty much the smartwatch you expect. It can set training activities, monitor environment stats, and track your personal metrics like heart rate, steps, calories burned, and other physiological indicators.

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Other highlights include waterproof to 100 meters (10 ATM or about 330 feet), supporting the Zulu time zone, supporting over 12 satellites for fast and accurate positioning, Corning Gorilla Glass, and up to 90 days of battery life in low-power mode, or 10 hours in GPS mode, or 10 days in regular use.

The Beidou Syntime Military Smartwatch is available from for 1,630 yuan or about US$242.

Beidou Syntime Military Smartwatch

Images: Weibo (北斗手表官方微博) [CH].

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