often we find ourselves searching for the perfect excuse to pop a bottle of whisky and the result is list of great excuses, which some of them turns out to be pretty brilliant (like, “oh, it’s your birthday? let’s open a bourbon to celebrate, shall we?”), actually. with the 2012 Edition Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, you can save yourself from those justifications or whatsoever, cos’ the blend itself is the very reason to drink up. this special bourbon is part of the yearly release to commemorate the founder of the Louisville-based Brown-Forman and Old Forester, George Garvin Brown’s birthday which Old Forester has been releasing once every September, since 11 years ago – and thus, this particular example is in fact the 11th limited edition release to date. this commemorative whisky is handcrafted by Master Distiller Chris Morris, offering a bottleful of ripe fruit character with oak sweetness, warming spices and almond nuttiness, bottled in a beautiful decanter style glass bottle that reminiscences of the bottles used by Old Forest in the late 1800s. the 2012 Edition Old Forester Birthday Bourbon can be yours to own for $49.90, available through most liquor stores.

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