The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary Whisky

rockers have traditionally being associated with alcohol beverages aka boozes. don’t deny it. it is true and you know it. anyway, going along that line, what’s the best way to mark a legendary band like The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary than the booze itself, which is precisely what Japan beverage maker, Suntory has

2012 Edition Old Forester Birthday Bourbon

often we find ourselves searching for the perfect excuse to pop a bottle of whisky and the result is list of great excuses, which some of them turns out to be pretty brilliant (like, “oh, it’s your birthday? let’s open a bourbon to celebrate, shall we?”), actually. with the 2012 Edition Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, you can save yourself from those justifications or whatsoever

Glen Grant 60 Queen Elizabeth II Whisky

we drink to every other occasions but some occasion deserves that extra special concoction than just any run-of-the-mill distiller, can serve up. so in view of this, it is only fitting to be drinking the best when you celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th year on the throne with a treat from Glen Grant 60 Queen Elizabeth II Whisky. touted as the longest age whiskies

Put your own name in your own mix of Whisky

let’s be honest: not everyone has the exact same taste – literally or not and that holds true for your favorite adult beverage like whisky too. until now, we have to settle for Jack Daniel, Scotch, so on and so forth but that doesn’t have to be the case, really. if you are nodding your head furiously with the above statement, then are just about to strike gold.