Put your own name in your own mix of Whisky

Whiskey Blender
let’s be honest: not everyone has the exact same taste – literally or not and that holds true for your favorite adult beverage like whisky too. until now, we have to settle for Jack Daniel, Scotch, so on and so forth but that doesn’t have to be the case, really. if you are nodding your head furiously with the above statement, then are just about to strike gold. Whiskey Blender is the place to go online if you are a purist whiskey drinker who believes that such hard liquor should be individualized. the good news is, you get to choose from a range of flavors, mix them up to 700ml and call it your own mix. to add to that exquisite individual taste that you have ‘created’, you get to name your blend of whisky and put down your name (i.e the blender’s name) on it. the price for a bottle of 700ml individualized hard liquor starts from $57 that comes with a gorgeous glass vessel with your own blend’s name, and your name to show off to your guests. click on the above image for a larger view.

Whiskey Blended via Cool Material

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