Good news, fans of Metal Gear Solid. Mondo art house is bringing a couple of MSG goodies to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. There are two merchandises to look out for. The first is a poster with artwork by Sachin Teng and the second item is the first-time-on-vinyl soundtrack released for the 1998 Playstation video game. The poster is of 18” x 24” features a stylized take, in a primary crimson palette, on the final showdown between Solid Snake (and Gray Fox) and Liquid Snake against the background of the Metal Gear REX.

The poster has a limited run of just 225 copies and will be available at Mondo’s booth at SDCC, priced at $50 a piece. Then there is the soundtrack in a two LP collection. The first is the “Gray Fox Edition” that comes in a gatefold jacket embossed with a very cool graphic of Gray Fox helmet and with vinyl artwork by Randy Ortiz. Only 1,000 copies will be sold at the convention for $35 a pop.

Non-show goers, including yours truly here, will not be left in the cold (at least not with the annoying Raven) because, you and I will be able to bag the not-as-cool-but-still-somewhat-cool “standard edition” featuring dear old Solid Snake on the cover in an abstract green hue illustration and Sniper Wolf’s pets (read: wolves) inside the fold. That will be available sometime later in the summer at Mondo’s website and record stores.

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In a related news, Mondo will also be offering 500 numbers of Venom Mondoid Vinyl Figure in SDCC exclusive color, 500 copies of SDCC exclusive Blade Runner 2049 original motion picture soundtrack 2 LP set and 1000 copies of Who Framed Roger Rabbit original motion picture soundtrack LP. There are more make-your-broke merch coming soon. You can keep tab on what’s being announced and what’s new over at Mondo webpage HERE.

Images: Mondo.

Source: Mashable.

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