Arcade Games On Gucci Mobile App

Here’s an interesting development in the world of designer’s fashion and spoiler alert, it has absolutely nothing to do with fashion. Gucci has added two arcade games to its official mobile app, Gucci, in two separate updates in April and May (version 5.32 and version 5.31, respectively).

The mobile games, namely, Gucci Ace and Gucci Bee, are retro-inspired games. The first game, Gucci Ace, is a ping pong game where you can play against a friend, a random online person, or against Gucci Arcade. The second game, Gucci Bee, is a Pac-Man-like game where you are a bee going out to gobble up stars in a maze while avoiding being bug by, well, bugs.

They are really, really super simple games. I guess they are good enough to kill time while you waiting in line at the next Gucci member sales event or something. As you progress in the game, you will learn the history of the Italian luxury brand and also earn badges which you can share on social media.

Gucci app is available for both Android and iOS devices on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, respectively. Nothing to shout about really. I guess it is designed for brand loyalists. I think.

Arcade Games On Gucci Mobile App

Images: Gucci.

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Source: Airows.