This is the Shiweibao J1169 Dual-movement Wrist Watch. It is the perfect watch for military heads and anyone who have a thing for chunky wristwatches. It features a 10 mm thick stainless steel case that is outfitted with four dial faces.

Shiweibao J1169 Dual-movement Wrist Watch

As the product name implies, there are two clock faces – of which one is a chronograph – placed diagonally from each other. The clocks are complemented by a handy compass and a temperature gauge.

The sheer number of dials (“sheer number” by any watch’s standards, that is), the black finish, and the wide canvas strap are what give the watch the military vibes.

Shiweibao J1169 Dual-movement Wrist Watch

The watch further touts a stainless steel case back and it is said to be water-resistant but to what depth, it is unknown. Then again, we can’t be expecting a whole lot from a US$14.33 watch, can we? That’s right. That is exactly how much this oh-so-manly-watch cost. The military vibe and affordability are the two reasons why we are talking about it here.

Shiweibao J1169 Dual-movement Wrist Watch
Shiweibao J1169 Dual-movement Wrist Watch

Images: Aliexpress (Chinese Watches Store).

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