Kai Razor x Ultraman Kai Razor Axia

Since we are at the topic of Ultraman, we thought we’d share another interesting Ultraman merchandise available to the lucky fans residing in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Kai Razor x Ultraman Kai Razor Axia

Celebrating the 55 years since the first airing of Ultraman on Japan is an officially licensed Ultraman-themed razor aka shaver from Japan’s knife maker, Kai Corporation (yes, Evangelion is not only pop culture phenomena to get the razor treatment).

Kai Corporation, for those who don’t know, makes anything that cuts – from razors to nail clippers to kitchen knives. The razor is getting the Ultraman treatment is the Kai Razor axia.

Two versions are available, namely Kai Razor axia Ultraman, based on the original alien supersize, superhero, and Kai Razor Axia Zetton, based on the beetle-like space monster as appeared in the final episode of the Ultraman series.

Kai Razor x Ultraman Kai Razor Axia

Kai Razor axia Ultraman gets a colorway that reflects the (literally) larger-than-life superhero, red and silver, as well as a blue which is a nod to the superhero’s color timer.

Meanwhile the Zetton version gets an orange on black treatment which are the primary colors of the space kaiju.

These limited edition razors is available in Japan through Ultraman official online store, Ultraman shops around Japan, drug stores, and more, for 2,000 yen plus tax per value pack.

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Images: Kai Corporation [JP].