If you are a petrolhead or a motorhead who is in the market for an accessory that screams you are a petrolhead/motorhead, then you ought to check out Racerings. Racerings is offering finger accessories in the most motorhead/petrolhead way possible: in the likeness of a race car or motorcycle tire.

Custom Fingerprint, Car and Bike Tire Rings

The Racerings range of tire design rings may have an uncanny resemblance to the rubber on your two or four-wheelers but they are NOT made of rubber. Depending on the style, they may be crafted from aerospace-grade titanium or aluminum, and each ring can be personalized with inside engraving, stones, or fabricated with your design.

There are a variety of tire designs to choose from, including the Bridgestone Potenza RE71, the Falken AZENIS RT660, ADVAN Neova AD08R, the Pirelli DIABLO ROSSO III, the Supercorsa tires – just to name a few.

Custom Fingerprint, Car and Bike Tire Rings

The tire rings have a black exterior, however, there is an anodized version too. Personally, though, I think anodizing takes away the illusion that you have a tire slipped on your finger. If you find that the tire look may be a little less grand as a wedding ring, you may choose to add a diamond. Again, that would take away the illusion of it being a miniature, wearable tire. Anyhoo, it is your choice.

While Racerings offer a range of tires pattern, you can create your own custom tire if so desire. Racerings have three themes: car rings, moto rings, as well as wedding bands. It also has a pair of tire-inspired earrings (US$250) and a ring fidget spinner (US$1,700) featuring ceramic balls as well.

Custom Fingerprint, Car and Bike Tire Rings

But in the matter of sharing an identical ring with your life partner, you may want to consider the Fingerprint titanium ring (from US$286). Each Fingerprint titanium ring features your very own fingerprint. Very, very cool.

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Prices for the Racerings start at US$220.

Custom Fingerprint, Car and Bike Tire Rings

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