1954 Gojira Hand Puppet Version Figure

California-based artist/actor/creature actor Krystopher Baioa, aka Krystopher’s Creations, has handcrafted a fabulous Godzilla figure/sculpture based on the 1954 Gojira movie – the Godzilla movie that started it all.

While the 1954 Gojira did employed Godzilla suit, a smaller scale, mechanical, hand-operated puppet was built to create to spew of mist from its mouth to recreate the atomic breath. The hand puppet version is what inspired this handcrafted creation.

The result pretty much speaks for itself. Clearly, I am pumped by the creation because, early Gojira remains my favorite. Yes. Damn it, I am old!

Anyways… the figure/sculpture was created using armature wires of various thicknesses for skeleton, tinfoil to bulk up big areas such as the thighs and body before adding paper clay to complete the build.

A black surfacer serves as the based coat, after which acrylic paints are expertly added. Krystopher has an interesting choice of materials for detailing. He used floor gloss to highlight the eyes, teeth, mouth, claws and toenails. Now that is creativity.

One thing to note is, the hand puppet version is as, it says it is, only seen in the movie from the waist up, so Baioa added his own spin of the waist down half.

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You can take a few more looks of the 1954 Gojira Hand Puppet Version Figure over at Krystopher’s Instagram and Facebook page. Meanwhile, here’s an Instagram video of Krystopher walking us through this beautiful creation.

Images: Instagram (@kaijukrys).