Hearphones Conversation-enhancing Headphones by Bose

By today’s standard, putting on a pair of headphones would means you chose to listen to music over conversation. I didn’t make this up; it is a norm accepted by everyone since with music blasting into your sound holes, you’d be straining to hear others and if you speak, you’d be yelling to be heard… by yourself. This is where Hearphones Conversation-enhancing Headphones by Bose aims to address. Details on this revolutionary personal listening device are not extensive, but according to its dedicated website, Hearphones puts you in control of what you want to listen.

You can, for example, control the environment sound, so you can focus on what you want to hear. It even go to the extend of letting you listen at a different volume from the same TV. Meaning, you can set the TV volume to please the majority, but tweak the volume to your preference on your Hearphones, so whether you prefer loud or soft volume, your other fellow TV viewers won’t be bothered and when they converse with you, you can tweak it, via an app, to listen to them attentively, or a least, yourself so that you won’t find yourself yelling when conversing. I think you get the idea and if you do, I am sure you will be so looking forward to what Hearphones can do.

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Image: Bose.

Bose via Engadget