I think Transformers Bumblebee is overrated. He was just another ‘good guy’ but thanks to the live-action movies, he kind of became the de facto second-in-command which he never was. I do not hate him nor am I a fan, btw. However, if you are a fan, then you are going to dig the upcoming Red Magic Bumblebee Edition smartphone.

Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee Edition Smartphone

Bumblebee will join the previously revealed Red Magic 7 Pro Optimus Prime and Red Magic 7 Megatron gaming smartphones. The Bumblebee Edition is based on the new Red Magic 7S series, specifically, the Pro model, which will be revealed on July 11, 2022.

That said, specs are not available but as far as Bumblebee touches go, we have some ideas – thanks to the official images posted by Nubia. The phone will get a full-on Bumblee Bee color, which is yellow, and Cybertronian-inspired motifs.

Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee Edition Smartphone

Like the Red Magic Optimus Prime and Megatron phones, it will come with a custom packaging that strangely has a hexagon cross-section. No… this can’t be. Red Magic can’t be referencing honeycomb with the shape, right? I mean a bumblebee is NOT a honey bee and thus, it does have a honeycomb nest.

Anyhoo that does not detract from the fact it will be a striking package. Actually not just the package. The special edition phone gets the works, including a collectible Bumblebee badge, a Bumblebee-themed charging brick, a matching color Transformers cooling fan, and a Transformers phone case, SIM ejector pin, and USB-C cable.

Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee Edition Smartphone

Pricing of the Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee Edition [CH] will be revealed at an event on July 11, 2022, China Time.

Red Magic 7S Pro Bumblebee Edition Smartphone
We heard accessories such as this Bumblebee-themed cooling fan will be available separately too.

Images: Nubia [CH].

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