Epson PaperLab Turns Wastepapers Into Usable Papers Right In Your Office

Deforestation, consumption of incredible amount of energy and water, plus contributing to air pollution and other waste problems. Those are the issues with papers, but yet, we can’t live without it. In the U.S. alone, paper made up of around 40% of the total waste generated and that, my friend, is a huge environmental issue. […]

EPSON Moverio BT-100 Wearable Display

need some real private time with your personal video collection? tablets have made that a possibility but still, whoever is around you can still peep at what you are watching – not perfect and so, we thought the best bet for now is to don a pair of video eyewear or wearable display such as the EPSON Moverio BT-100 Wearable Display, for a true private viewing time…