MultiDock charges and syncs up to 10 iPad simultaneously

Griffin MultiDock 900x375px
(image: Griffin) Griffin MultiDock | US$699.99 |

if you are running a firm that relies on several iPads for your operation, then this is the docking station that you will need. aptly dubbed as MultiDock, this docking station charges, syncs, and stores up to 10 iPads, iPhones or iPods. when docked, your iDevices will be juiced up simultaneously and the auto-off charging ensures the Charge Bay powers off once charging is complete. the MultiDock can be hooked up to a Mac host computer via a single USB connection, thus allowing the docked devices to sync with the host computer. up to three MultiDocks, providing a total of 30 charging slots, can be connected to the host computer via the included USB hub. what’s more, you can even leave your iPad in its case as you charge. the MultiDock’s charging bay can accommodate cases like Griffin Survivor Case for iPad, many other cases. the MultiDock is available as a business-to-business solution and is available from Griffin with a MSRP starting from $699.99. don’t be too taken aback by its price tag cos’ it is after all, a business solution. however, if you have huge pockets and happen to have many iDevices at home, i can’t see what could be stopping you from acquiring one.
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