USB-C is a much anticipated interface that finally sees adoption by Apple, but unfortunately, the Cupertino tech giant just couldn’t serve up more than one such port on its super-thin MacBook, which is perhaps the lowest point of this otherwise desirable machine. So that’s one port for everything, including serving as a charging port, a USB 3.1 port, a DisplayPort, VGA and HDMI video output. One port? Really? I feel your pain and so do startup Cusby, which is why they invented this nifty accessory called, well, Cusby.

Cusby Modular USB-C Adapter

Cusby is an ingenious way of expanding your I/O options on your 12-inch MacBook. Cusby is is kind of like a USB hub, except that the number and type of I/O is expandable, which means you can have just one port, or as many as you need and since it is modular, it allows you to add the I/O as and when you need them. Each module has a specific type of I/O and currently, there are three: HDMI out, USB-A and of course, USB-C. With all three modules connected and hooked up to your MacBook’s lone USB-C port, you can output video to any HDMI-equipped display or projector, as well as charges your iPhone at the same time – all while the MacBook is being juiced.

Cusby Modular USB-C Adapter

Theoretically, there’s no limit to how many modules you can add, but its maker recommends sticking to “single digit numbers to avoid any potential complications with connectivity.” Other options are in the pipeline too, including DisplayPort, Ethernet port, and even one with Thunderbolt interface. Besides granting your I/O-deprived MacBook with more ports, Cusby also future-proof your MacBook as new modules can be developed whenever new I/Os are introduced. But that, of course, will depend on if the host USB-C has support for whatever new I/O that comes onto the market.

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Anywho, at just 75 bucks for the full package, which includes the aforementioned three modules and a USB-C cable, Cusby might very well be a sound investment for your lonely USB-C.

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