No. Mankind has yet to find any way to artificially load data into the brain of a sentient being, dead or alive. Which is a relieve, actually. However, what you see here is the closest thing you will get to that man playing God, dystopia future. Created by a Japanese chemistry student and Twitter user @ni28_xp, this unnamed USB flash drive features a real fish as part of its storage system. OK. No. The fish IS NOT part of the storage system. So, don’t be alarmed.

USB Flash Drive Made With Real Fish

As you can see, this unique but somewhat disturbing flash drive has no PCB which you’d find on any flash storage; instead, it has a fish as the PCB of sort where the electronic components required are weaved together before being encapsulated in a transparent resin. Before you rage over “animal cruelty,” there are two things you need to know: first, the fish is dead and two, the fish is a silver-striped round herrings brought from local supermarket, i.e. it is food. So calm down, people. No animal cruelty was involved. Though I can’t help it if you are a vegetarian and felt offended.

USB Flash Drive Made With Real Fish

Anyways, it appears that @ni28_xp has a knack for creating intriguing USB flash drive and this particular fish USB flash drive will be exhibited and sold at an event called HandMade in Japan Fes ‘Winter’ 2019 on January 12, 2019. And it is not cheap, btw. @ni28_xp has priced this 32 GB USB 3.0 item at 7,800 Yen a pop, or about 72 American dollars based on the current going rate. If you are keen on @ni28_xp’s other works for sale, you can hit up his store over at Creema.

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Images: @ni28_xp (Twitter).

Source: JapanSauce.

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