It is hard to describe to a barber what was the hairstyle you are after. The best way to do it would be showing him a photo of that particular hairdo, but do not show the barber a video, though, as an unnamed man in China found out recently. The story was originally posted on China’s micro-blogging site, Weibo, by one influential entertainment blogger by the handle of Tian Xiu Bot (天秀bot). In the post, Tian Xiu Bot, attached several images, including a screenshot of the originator known as Red Devil – Accidental (红魔-偶然) who had posted it on an unknown platform.

Barber Cuts Triangle Play Button Into Man’s Hair
The screenshot of a paused video used as the hairstyle reference.

The story went that a man saw a video of a person with the hairstyle he wanted and proceed to pause the video to show the barber. Being a pro in this field, the barber took a glance at the paused video and started working but not without asking the customer if he would want to keep the ‘triangle’. Clueless about the ‘triangle’, the patron replied ‘yes’ and the result was exactly as the image he had showed the hairstylist: a classic Pompadour hair with each neatly shaved sides sporting a bald patch, in the shape of a triangle. And that triangle there, folks, was the ‘play’ icon when a video was paused (whether screenshot or not). Now, that’s what I called professionalism.

That was really a laugh out loud moment! Now, didn’t I say that the barber was a real pro? The incident may be hilarious, but who knows, shaving a play button on the side may just be the next big hairstyle trend in 2019 and beyond. If that happens, this man would be the legend.

Barber Cuts Triangle Play Button Into Man’s Hair
And the hilarious result which may soon become a trend.
Barber Cuts Triangle Play Button Into Man’s Hair
A screenshot of the post made by Tian Xiu Bot.

Images: 天秀bot (Weibo).

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Source: Mail Online.

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