GLIF+ and +PACK adds functionality to your GLIF

Glif Plus
(image: Studio Neat) Studio Neat GLIF+ (US$30) and +PACK (US$12) |

remember the duo, Tom and Dan, who brought to you the wonderful glif? they are back with some add-on for the Glif. surprise? i know i am. i never thought a simple accessory like the Glif could have any room for expansion but the truth is, there is. meet the Serif, an add on for your glif that enables a even more secure holding on the tripod and Ligature, a simple keyring loop that threads to the glif’s tripod thread so you can keep your glif handy by attaching it to a keychain, backpack or whatever. the Serif is essential if the going gets tough as it adds an additional support to your glif when it is on the tripod, and when you are done, it fits snuggly inside the glif, making it easy to stow away and bring it along. so, you see the whole picture? the trio are made to be together and the best part is, they are totally affordable. if you already have the glif, the +PACK is all you need and it cost just $12 (for the Serif and Ligature) or you can buy the whole package, the GLIF+ that comes with the glif, Serif, and Ligature for just $30. if you ask me, i’d say it is a perfect Christmas gift this season.
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