Louis Vuitton Beach Bat Set

The beauty of an open economy is, there is something for everyone and by ‘everyone’, we do mean financial standing. Like, for example, when at the beach, the not so well-to-do can do activities like swimming, surfing and more while the richie rich can do the same, but with a little luxury.

Louis Vuitton Beach Bat Set

Luxury such as playing a game of beach ball game with Louis Vuitton Beach Bat Set. Yes. Beach bat has gone all out luxe and IMHO, it does look kind of classy.

For this beach bat set, the Parisian design label drew inspiration from the historic Articles de Voyage collection, lending its iconic signature on a sleek racket case, as well as LV initials logos on both sides of the rack.

Louis Vuitton Beach Bat Set

The set includes two wooden rackets and two blue rubber balls, and comes with a “smart bag” that combines the hallmark of Damier Azur canvas with cotton and a functional shoulder strap.

Pretty little thing, no doubt and at US$3,550 a set, it is also no doubt reserved for the very rich who already have everything in life.

Images: Louis Vuitton.

Source: Hypebeast.