sci-fi settings are not always in urbanized area; they may be in a desert environment, much like Tatooine where sci-fi frictional hero Luke Skywalker once resides, or something equally secluded like Trevor Goodchild‘s estate in Aeon Flux. so you get the picture now? secluded. desert. well, good. now look at the Organic Modern Estate; that, folks, is the real-life, sci-fi-style home some $3 million can get you and it is right here on planet earth, in a place called Joshua Tree, California. the home wasn’t intentionally sci-fi-ish to start with; it is an organic architecture and the free-flowing and yet rough form was intentional, to sort of blend in with the desert surroundings.

it is both organically artistic and rugged at the same time, giving it a zen-like feel, but not the kind of holy zen-like feel – rather, it is like those where you stepped out into the patio or something, you would see a U.S.S. Enterprise hovering up above, or a pod-racer tearing across the bare desert plain down below. the organic theme is more than just skin deep: it resonants into the interior, to every nook and cranny of the house. this majestic building sits on 10 acres of rock-ish terrain, or to be more precise, it is part of the terrain, and has ponds, a spa and natural stone as floors. basically, it speaks organic and everything about this property, from the windows to the furniture to the walkways, are intentionally made to feel so and to be part of the nature.

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and part of nature, it certainly is, as you can even find some rocks of the original terrain that it sits on within the home, forming part of its interior decor. you can’t get more natural then this, can you? if you think you have what it takes (read: loads of cash), this property could be yours. head on down to Organic Modern Estate’s representing real estate agent to learn more (or touch base with them if you want to own it), or hit up the property website for more images. take a few more look after the break.

Organic Modern Estate via Stupid Dope

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  1. Looks like Dr. Edward Morbius residence on Altair IV. I wonder if “Robby” will greet me at the door…

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