planning to stay off the grid for a while? then we suggest you check out this handsome little outdoor gadget called the Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub by Goal Zero. yes. it is a lantern and yes, it is a pretty good looking one. apart from the obvious like providing up to 48 hours of 250 lumen of lighting when fully charged, this nifty outdoor gadget also doubles as a portable charger for your mobile devices such as media players, smartphones, GPS gear, e-readers and tablets, which makes it an indispensable gear when you are heading out into the wild for a period of time. and when the juice ran out, an integrated hand crank allows you to recharge it while out in the field, or if you happen to have the Goal Zero’s solar panels in tow, you could use those to charge it up too.

in a similar news, Goal Zero also announced a 36 square-foot solar-powered Katabatic 2 tent, developed in collaboration with Eddie Bauer, which can also be used to recharge the Lighthouse 250 lantern too. you can check out the Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub, as well as the Katabatic 2 tent in person at the Outdoor Retailer, happening from July 31 to August 3 at the Salt Palace Convention Center, Salt Lake City, Utah. we don’t have a price for the Lantern (or the tent), but we are sure you will hear something if you hit up the show. btw, Goal Zero’s booth is number BR601; just thought we save you some precious time hunting it down when you are there.

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Goal Zero Lighthouse 250 Lantern and USB Power Hub - How it works

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  1. That lantern is sick. Just talked with GZ. They said it will also be dimmable so you can use less energy if you want. I’ll be getting two these, thank you.

  2. i hate reading about gadgets that I would purchase immediately only to find out that they aren’t for sale.. DOH 🙂 looks awesome!

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