setting up a home theater system used to be a somewhat rocket science thing and that’s not to mention the inherent cable clutter coming from a multi-channel surround system. however, with a system such as the Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar Speaker, setting up will no longer be a hair-pulling experience and you no longer have to put up with tons of snaking cables. the HT-ST7 incorporates Audio Return Channel (ARC) and HDMI which only requires a single cable for ease of setup, and a wireless subwoofer takes care of the low-frequency booms you need for blockbuster movie enjoyment without adding anymore cable than a power supply. under the hood of this sleek aluminum sound bar are nine independent drivers working alongside with seven discrete amplifiers, and Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoders for hi-def audio decoding and clarity, ensuring an immersive movie viewing experience.

other features include S-Force Pro Front Surround for reproducing even the faintest sound effects, built-in Bluetooth connectivity for wireless audio streaming, one-button Bluetooth pairing, OneTouch NFC for super quick pairing with compatible devices, and a suite of seven inputs, including three HDMI inputs, three digital audio inputs, and one analog input, complete this capable sound bar. the Sony HT-ST7 Sound Bar Speaker is the Japanese electronics giant’s first entrant in the premium sound bar segment and is available as we speak for a pretty cool price tag of $1,299.99. pricey it is, but it is expected cos’ it is after all, a premium sound bar and one that offers 7.1-channel – and one without the hassle of chockfull of cables. additionally, as a prove that they are dead serious about the HT-ST7, Sony has roped in the sound engineers at Sony Pictures Studios to help in the development of this sound bar – so you know it’s going be totally worth it.

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