don’t know how does a Scandinavian summer looks like? well, you can get a feel, or so we were told, by adorning your BeoPlay A9 speakers with these special edition Nordic Sky covers and legs. even if you don’t get the feel as per what the maker has intended, at least your BeoPlay A9 speakers will look a whole lot less like satellite dishes sitting in your pad. available in three different editions, namely, Dusk, Dawn and Twilight, the Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 Nordic Sky edition lets you experience anything from the sweet blue lights of the twilight to the green darkness of the dawn to the eerie redness of dusk that are unique to the Scandinavian sky.

honestly, we really can’t see the correlation, but like we said, it is still better than the usual beige hue (or was it white?) that the original BeoPlay A9 wireless speakers have to offer. but don’t get all too excited about the price of just 1,499 Danish Krone (or about US$268) and go “wow, that’s hell of a cheap for a B&O product” cos’ it is not. the quoted price is only for the cover and the three legs for one speaker. then again, no one ever said that Scandinavian sky can be bought and like all things to do with individualism, they are never cheap – like ever – much less one that comes from B&O. have a few more look and be your own judge of whether you should bring home a piece of the Scandinavian sky.

Bang & Olufsen via muted

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