Thanks to the scarcity of stick shifter, your only way out of flat battery situation is another person with a car, and with a pair of jump starter cables. If you have a stick shift vehicle, you can still push start using the drop clutch method, but if you are driving an auto variety, the aforementioned cables and a person with another car are you only resolution, or perhaps a tow truck to the nearest workshop. However, with Weego Jump Starter 44, you will save yourself of the embarrassment and reliant on other people (and car) because, with a built-in battery pack and the included jump starter cable, you can jump start right there and then, on your own.

Weego Jump Starter 44 for Automobiles

With Weego Jump Starter 44, you are bestowed with the power of jump starting up to 7L gas and 3.5L diesels vehicles without shorting yourself – thanks to “Smarty Clamps” (basically, giant-ass crocodile clips) built-in automatic safety protections and ergonomic design with extra-wide connection. In addition, the clips boast a series of lights and sounds to walk you through a jump even if you never have done it before. And oh, it has a built-in 500 lumens flashlight, so did not have to jump start in the dark, which is usually the case, btw. You know, Murphy’s Law.

Weego Jump Starter 44 for Automobiles

The best part is, even when it isn’t called upon to save your car from stuck with a flat battery (and you from a car that can’t go anywhere), it can save other things maybe stuck with flat or low battery: your mobile gadgets (even your laptop!). Yep, it is also a power bank too. So, hallelujah to that. Anywho, it is something that, in this day and age, one can’t do without. I mean, hey, if you drive and owns at least one mobile device, a gadget like Weego Jump Starter 44 is a win-win. No, wait. In fact it is a must-have. If you are convinced, you can pick a unit from Amazon for $149.99.

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Weego Jump Starter 44 for Automobiles

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