Tearing your hair over the sad, disarray state of your charging cable and frustrated over the inflexibility in length? Well, with the innovative SuperCalla Charging Cable, those cable woes will be forever eliminated.

SuperCalla Charging Cable

Thanks to the magical combination of sections of silicone outer sleeve and neodymium magnets, SuperCalla Charging Cable makes coiling and uncoiling cable a fuss-free experience. Like, really, really fuss-free.

Granted, it does not promised to pack down to crazy small size, but man, the prospect of not having to deal with tangle mess and also the flexibility of length are enticing enough.

SuperCalla Charging Cable

Speaking of packing down, SuperCalla Charging Cable ought to be the neatest charging cable we have ever seen. Period. Plus, the satisfying clicks of when the magnetic parts come together may make it a brilliant fidgeting device too.

Available in a choice of 3 and 6 feet and in a choice of connectors, including Apple Lightning, USB-C, and micro USB to USB-A or USB-C, SuperCalla Charging Cable can be had for $19 via Kickstarter. The campaign is overwhelmingly funded.

As of this post, it has 20,000+ backers and pulled in nearly a million in funding. It is expected ship sometime in June 2020.

Images: SuperCalla Technology.

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