If you like animals and mecha, and LEGO, then you will love Japanese LEGO enthusiast Mitsuru Nikaido’s series of Mecha animals LEGO MOC. Mitsuru Nikaido – the same person behind the super impressive LEGO Mecha “Coelacanth” – has submitted quite a number of LEGO MOCs to LEGO Ideas and among them are these: the LEGO MOC Mecha “Snail” and LEGO MOC Mecha Nautilus.

LEGO MOC Mecha “Snail” by Mitsuru Nikaido

The LEGO MOC Mecha “Snail” and the LEGO MOC Mecha Nautilus are two of the ongoing LEGO Ideas submissions from Mitsuru Nikaido that we thought really stood out.

Among the two, the Mecha “Snail” ought to be our favorite. This particular creation showcased a lot of mechanical details and boasts a myriad of hose elements that link the shell together, resulting in a very organic yet very mechanical sculpture. It is beautiful.

LEGO MOC Mecha “Snail” and Mecha Nautilus

While the Mecha Nautilus lacks the hose elements, it is equally impressive and shares the same design concept as the snail. Super cool.

If you like what you see, you may help these submissions to have a shot at becoming official LEGO sets by dropping your one precious vote for these two projects.

Meanwhile, you may learn more about the Mecha “Snail” and Mecha Nautilus over at their respective LEGO Ideas pages. You can also check out more of Mitsuru Nikaido’s LEGO MOCs on his Instagram page.

Images: LEGO Ideas (Mitsuru Nikaido).

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