Japanese Man Took Hologram Character to Dinner

Remember the Japanese dude, Akihiko Kondo, who made headlines in 2018 when he married a hologram character from his Gatebox Virtual Home Robot? Well, you would think he would have confined this matrimony to his home. Nope. This man is proud of his love that won’t be reciprocated.

Japanese Man Took Hologram Character to Dinner

Recently, Akihiko shared photos of him having a Christmas dinner with Miku – that’s the name of the love of his life, btw. For the uninitiated, Christmas day is celebrated like Valentine’s day in Japan and so this dinner of his with the mock-up (read: life-size doll) of his love was a huge deal.

The dinner was a show of their love, maybe just his love because I am sure if an inanimate object is capable of showing love. Good thing was, Kondo-san was clear-headed. He did not show up at the restaurant with a giant-size doll shoved under his armpit.

Japanese Man Took Hologram Character to Dinner

Running up to the big day, he had reached out to the restaurant and had his intention communicated. The restaurant obliged and whipped up a meal for two. Not sure if Miku did finish her servings. Just kidding. Of course not. It is not clear if Akihiko finished the food on her behalf.

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Anywho, Akihiko said it was a good memory and he expressed the wish to do it (a dinner) again if he have the opportunity to do so. Well, I am sure you can, Akihiko, as long as you don’t mind the stares (and eating double shares).

Images: Twitter (Akihiko Kondo).

via Anime Senpai.