Japanese Man Marrying A Hologram Proves The World Is Getting Weirder

You have heard of a woman marrying a spirit and a man who is deeply in love with his car and even copulate with it (how? Don’t ask…), and now you can add marrying a hologram to the weird matrimony list. Yes. It is happening. We somewhat foresaw this when Gatebox debuted several years ago. […]

Relationship Apocalypse Begins With Gateway Virtual Home Robot

It has been a while. It was on pre-order started two years ago and it is now finally available to the masses. We are talking about the kinda sad gadget from Gatebox called Gatebox Virtual Home Robot. The name sounds harmless enough, but this ‘robot’ is in fact a virtual wife of sort (yes, you […]

Gatebox Virtual Home Robot Has The Potential To Be Like The Real-Life Her

Spike Jonze’s sci-fi drama Her (Annapurna Pictures, 2013) offers a grim insight into how tech can affect us emotionally. It tells of a story about a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with an highly intelligent operating system and eventually falling in love with ‘her’. The notion behind Her sounds farfetched, but sadly, nothing […]