If you are like all-thing rugged, tactical and military and you are also a fitness buff, then the new Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth Smartwatch should appeal to you as much as it does to me.

Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth Smartwatch

Designed, built and tested to MIL-STD-810 standards in the harshest conditions in Finland, the Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth Smartwatch boasts “key mission-ready” features , including a ‘red light mode’ for ease of reading in the low light conditions with night vision googles.

OK. You probably don’t need that (nor own a nigh vision googles), but it is there if you need it.

The Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth is a through and through rugged tactical watch that has been tested for vibration and shock, extreme temperatures exposure, and long-term liquid submersion. Speaking of water resistance, it is rated to 30 meters (98 feet or 3 ATM).

The rugged build together with built-in compass feature, altimeter, barometer, adjustable declination, digital and mechanical bearing locks, and detailed weather insights, including information on sea level pressure with graphing, weather trends indicator, sunrise and sunset times, temperature readings and a storm alarm, the Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth is truly a durable, military-inspired outdoor watch.

Other noteworthy mentions include a 12-month battery capacity (in time mode), US-made Berry Amendment compliant textile strap, and aluminum bezels paired to a composite case and mineral crystal glass.

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In spite of all these features, the Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth is surprisingly not overly expensive at US$299.

Suunto CORE Alpha Stealth Smartwatch

To put the price in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 costs US$279.99 while the Titanium version of the Galaxy Watch and Apple Watch Series 6 commands a hefty 600 and 400 dollars, respectively, and yet, none of is rugged by any standards. Just saying…

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