DIY Chainsaw Blender by Mike Warren

If a flying chainsaw sounds less than practical to you, then perhaps one that blends would be a better fit. Well, at least, you can use it to whip your favorite ice-cold cocktail right? For whatever reasons this weird prospect delights you, then you are in for a treat. Instructables user Mike Warren has just made your dream come true and he even took a notch up by throwing in a bike handlebar for good measure. Why the bike handlebar you asked? Simple. So you can use the motorcycle throttle to control the strength of the blending, which by itself is the coolest thing ever. I am sure your run-of-the-mill Walmart blender won’t be able to vary the motor speed on-the-fly and even if it does, it won’t be done via a motorcycle handlebar’s grip.

The cool factor here is exponential, really. No words if this unusual blender contraption’s saw chain is functional, but in any case, Mike has switched out the menacing teeth with a less threatening bicycle chain. As for the power plant, he proposed using a chainsaw with a 37cc two-stroke gas-powered engine. So, whether you are looking to kick your cocktail party up a notch in the cool department, or you are looking for an untethered blending experience, Mike Warren’s DIY Chainsaw Blender sounds like a logical choice. You can’t buy it off the shelf though. If you want one, you will need to cobble up one yourself by following Mike’s instruction as laid out on Instructables.

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While you are pondering over whether to do it or not, we suggest you witness the wrath of the Chainsaw Blender in the embedded video below.

Instructables via Gizmodo