Puppetry-style K-2SO Cosplay by HarteAttack Cosplay

We all know how lovable and cool K-2SO is, but however much folks love this hero of Star Wars Rogue One, it is nearly impossible to cosplay as one, unless K-2SO put on some serious stones. I mean, just look at this hands and legs. Not only are his limbs unusually long, but they are super skinny too, and no normal humans is going to be convincing in a K-2SO costume. C-3PO, on the other hand, is easier, as it has average human-size limbs; all you have to do is act a little more robot-ish and act like you are afraid of every situations. Anyways, but the super thin limbs did not stop cosplayer HarteAttack Cosplay from whipping up a K-2SO costume.

Ok. Maybe HarteAttack Cosplay’s K-2SO is not a costume per se, instead it is kind of a life-size puppet which with the help of body harness and stuff, HarteAttack Cosplay is able to move the majestic creation around on the show floor. According to one FB commentator, what HarteAttack Cosplay did was actually “an account form of Japanese puppetry called Bunraku.” In this ancient puppetry form, the puppeteers will dress up in black to be more inconspicuous while on stage and manipulate the puppets from their behind them. Interesting.

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Here’s a video of the man walking his K-2SO:

Images: HarteAttack Cosplay.