Human-size Infinity Gauntlet Cosplay

The time is ripe to recap the many Marvel cosplays that appeared at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con and we think the best greatest cosplay would be the human-size Infinity Gauntlet. Make no mistake here. We are not talking about a life-size space glove here; we are talking about a person dressed up as the sought-after gauntlet.

Yes. I know, it does sound rather bizarre. A walking Infinity Gauntlet is right up there with other bizarre/goofy cosplays like the “gamer who has no real life” and Cholo Thanos. It is makes the saying “larger than life” seems a little too literal. Don’t believe? Here, have a look:

Human-size Infinity Gauntlet Cosplay

See what I mean. Too bad the space stones do not light up and also fortunately, it can’t snap its fingers. It does have a pair of legs that allow the glove to navigate the convention floor at will and it has a pair of hands too. Even the rest of the cosplays were impressive, I still think the human-size Infinity Gauntlet cosplay was the one true great cosplay at this year’s SDCC.

You can see photos of Marvel cosplayers gathering on stage at the Marvel Becoming San Diego Comic-Con Costume Contest HERE.

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Oh, I think this Dr. Strange one was the other best cosplay:

Dr. Strange Cosplay SSDC

Images and source: Marvel.