have you wonder how a particular dish on a menu smells before you put in your order? well, if you do, then the Chef Andoni Luis Aduriz of TRIPLE Michelin-starred Mugaritz restaurant and a Japanese company are working on a digital app that might delight you. like the Bacon alarm clock we seen a couple of weeks ago, this visionary attempt also uses both software and hardware to enable this aromatic experience. the hardware, dubbed the Scentee, is a balloon-like plug-in accessory that goes into the headphone jack of your smartphone and it diffuses the corresponding fragrance from a cartridge based on the dish you have selected on the app, thereby simulating the aromas of the particular dish.

coming out with the app to do this “smell-o-vision” thing is probably not as challenging as compared to concocting the aroma cartridges necessary for the whole package to work. speaking of the cartridges, the Scentee is actually available, sans the Mugaritz restaurant’s menu, is available for purchase for $34.99, while the cartridges, available in a selection of aromatic flavors including strawberry, lavender, coffee and rosemary, are available for 5 bucks a pop. the associated Scentee app, available for both iOS and Android, is free though. catch a dramatize product movie after the break to learn more. yes. we said movie.

via PSFK

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