you know how a typical smartwatch looks like? they are mostly square or oblong, which is nothing wrong, but if you need a piece that can actually goes with your formal work wear or for a black tie event, then Motorola has just the answer for you: the Moto 360 smartwatch. the 360 is not just a ‘breakthrough’ in smartwatch design, but it is also one powered by the newly announced Android Wear that promised a simple and effective way of using a smartwatch. visually, the watch looks fantastic and has a somewhat retro classic touch to it (at this point, we can’t help but to think Panerai), and it has an analog dial face to boot. like the LG G Watch announced earlier, little is known about this beauty – well, that’s if we are talking about the nuts and bolts that make the watch ticks.

however, being a smartwatch and one driven by Android Wear, you can expect the usuals such as saying “OK Google” to ask questions like the weather, or traffic conditions, or getting things done like scheduling appointments, send text messages, ‘jot’ down notes, or setting an alarm. the Moto 360, together with Android Wear, is build around the concept of ‘at a glance’ which is what a wrist watch is really about and Motorola wants to apply this age-old concept to a 21st century smart timepiece but with more information accessible at the twist of the wrist. the watch will be crafted from premium materials and for starter, it appears that it will be offered in a choice of leather or metal wrist bands. however, Motorola is saying that a variety of styles will be offered when it becomes available globally in summer 2014. keep your eyes peeled on the official Moto 360 website for more updates.

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UPDATE [September 21, 2014. 12:33PM] the Moto 360 Smartwatch by Motorola has an official price. it will run you back at $249.99. unfortunately, it ran out-of-stock before we could get the info out for you guys. oops. our bad. however, you can get yourself signed up to be notified when it becomes available again.

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