for those who are wondering when LG digital smart timepiece going to arrive, well, LG has an answer, and that would be sometime in second quarter of 2014. the aptly dubbed LG G Watch is powered by the freshly announced Android Wear (read more about this in the next article) which is a new mobile platform tailored specifically for wearable devices. information is pretty thin at this point with no specs or whatsoever that would interest general beings, but as you can see from the mysterious image above, Google Now will be taking center-stage on this platform. as with most smartwatches, the watch pairs to a smartphone and will serves as a means for screening and taking of calls, glancing through text and email messages and more.

additionally, Google Now, like its phone entity, will enable you to ask questions and get things done just by saying “OK Google”. on the hardware and software compatibility aspect, LG said that the firm worked closely with Google right from the beginning of the development to ensure the watch worked perfectly with Android Wear platform and the device “will present a low barrier to entry for developers and offer the best Google experience for users.” with that statement, we can probably be expecting a Nexus-like experience and affordable pricing in the smartwatch category. the LG G Watch is the fourth device, after the two Nexus smartphones and a Google Play edition tablet, the Korean electronics giant developed in collaboration with the Mountain View search giant. unfortunately, this is as much information as we have for now. even the image is limited to the one you see above.

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