Android Wear 2.0 Launched, Along With Two New LG Smartwatches

If smartwatch is still a thing, then Android Wear is probably the best thing to happen to smartwatches. And if you do swear by Android Wear, well, the good news is, Android Wear 2.0 is finally here, promising to offer you “more informative watch faces, better workouts, new ways to use apps, more ways to […]

New Hybrid And Smartwatches Ensure Fossil Won’t Be Fossilized

Feeling old school about timepieces does not mean you cannot enjoy the benefits a smartwatch has to offer. You still can, if you have Fossil hybrid smartwatches. Hybrid smartwatches are, as the name implies, are smartwatches that still bear the traditional watch face. Meaning, it does not have the smartwatch requisite touch display, but everything […]

ASUS Goes Classy And Round With The New ZenWatch 3 Smartwatch

There’s a reason why people says ‘round the clock’ because a clock, or a watch for that matter, is by and large, round and hence, the round clock, or dial, face. However, when smartwatch first came onto the market, it wasn’t; it smashed the status quo not because it want to, but it was constrained […]

Thanks To Casio, The World Will Get Its First Rugged Smartwatch Soon

So far, smartwatches are mainly designed for urban warriors. You know, people who are unlikely to bash through bushes and things like that. You can’t expect Apple Watch to go white water rafting, can you? Absolutely not. The price itself is a warning for you not to let go beyond the comfort the urbanized environment. […]

TAG Heuer’s First Smartwatch is Carrera-inspired, Cost $1,500 a Pop

Will electronics ever be a thing of luxury? Perhaps. Looking what Leica has done, it doesn’t seem impossible that luxury could have a place in the world of gadgets and if LG hasn’t proved so, then perhaps, TAG Heuer’s first smartwatch, dubbed Connected, would help to reinforce the notion. Holding hands with Google’s Android Wear […]

You Can Now Buy LG’s $1,200 Smartwatch From REEDS Online Store

LG is clearly not a luxury brand, but with the help U.S. retail jewelry company REEDS Jewelers, the South Korean electronics giant’s LG Watch Urbane has been turned into a luxurious wearable tech, aptly dubbed LG Watch Urbane Luxe. First introduced at IFA 2015 in Berlin, pre-orders of luxe-up Watch Urbane have been fulfilled and […]

Fossil Adds Smartwatch and Fitness Trackers to its Catalog, Won’t Be Fossilized After All

With the proliferation of wearable tech, in particular, smartwatches, it is hard for conventional watch makers not to follow suit – unless they are prepared to face the risk of being fossilized, so to speak. Speaking of fossil, fashionable watch maker Fossil won’t be a fossil after all; the Texas-based clothing and accessories maker has […]

LG Previewed New Smartwatch That Works With or Without a Smartphone

I am sure when Dick Tracy spoke into his wrist-worn communication device, he didn’t have a smartphone in his trench coat. That kind of make your smartphone-reliant smartwatch a little less than ‘high-tech’, isn’t it? Well, that won’t be the case with LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition, which has cellular connectivity built into it so […]

Huawei’s First Smartwatch, Huawei Watch, is Probably the Least Geekiest Wearable of All

Chinese communication giant, Huawei has dabbled in many things and now, it can add smartwatch to the firm’s portfolio. The Huawei Watch, as it is called, is the outfit’s first smartwatch to join its growing line of wearables. Announced at the Mobile World Congress (but of course), the Huawei Watch is a non-geeky take of […]

LG Goes ‘Luxury’ with All-metal Android Wear Device, LG Watch Urbane

Some say that a gadget like smartwatch can never be luxurious. I guess it is true to certain extend as luxury timepieces are never electronics dominant. If ain’t mechanical, it is probably not quite that luxury, but to LG begs to differ. The South Korea electronics juggernaut will be unveiling its first all-metal luxury Android […]