custom-shaped computer case is not the newest new, but one coming from a custom gaming and business computer builders is not something you see everyday. in other words, it is not often that you will see one shape like the iconic Stealth bomber rolled out of the factory floor, such as this particular example from Stealth Machines, dubbed the NightHawk Gaming Computer. for a limited time, avid gaming rig DIY-ers can choose to buy the case alone to start building their own custom Stealth bomber gaming rig, or for the less adventurous, as a full system built to your specifications. however, beyond August 2014, it will only be offered as a full computer system.

one of the key aspects of this beautiful case is a removable top cover, which opens up to the inner workings of the rig and thus allowing gamers to switch out components easily and swiftly. instead of letting you customize from the base up, Stealth Machines has a recommended configurations which kind of sits on the ‘middle path’ with specs like Intel Core i7-3930 3.2GHz six-core processor, liquid cooling system, 16GB of RAM, 3GB EVGA GTX 780 graphics card, a 240GB SSD and a 2TB HDD, a 1050W power supply, and a DVD dual-layer writer. this particular config will set you back at a cool $3,764, but if you are looking to push the setup to the maximum spec possible, you are looking at a rig that would easily cost over 6 grand.

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and those prices are yet to include the required input devices and the display monitor yet. though the firm states that the case can be purchased as a standalone item (at until before August), it does not specific how much will it cost. click past the fold for a few more awesome look at this Stealth Bomber shape gaming rig.

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