we know. the chances of anyone peeking under the hood of their computer is next to zero, but that doesn’t mean what goes within the chassis should be anything ugly. so if you are looking for a internal storage that looks as good as it performs, then the Samsung SSD 840 Series Solid State Drive might be a worthy candidate. its brushed metal enclosure is not all looks, but it is helps to keep out dust and prevent corrosion. nearly all the SSD components are engineered in-house, thus allowing the perfect sync between hardware and software, which in turns result in exceptional reliability. in fact, Sammy is so confident that it is offering five-year warranty in select markets for its Pro series SSD 840. other highlights include fourth generation three-core Samsung MDX controller, flash memory storage as used in USB flash drives and memory cards (the first in the market for SSD), and the drive comes with self-encrypting drive technology to address the security aspect of digital storage. then again, all those features might be a wee too alien for non-geeks and so, for those ‘almost geeks’, all you need to know is you will be getting a sleek, ultra slim SSD that offers you up to 540 MB/s and up to 520 MB/s for sequential read and write speed, respectively (depending on which model you choose). available as SSD 840 for general computing (that’s us!) and SSD 840 Pro for serious users (read: geeks and intense applications), the Samsung SSD 840 Series Solid State Drive is available in various capacities, up to 500GB for the standard model, and up to 512GB for the Pro series. price starts from $109.99 for the 120GB non-pro item and runs up to $519.99 for the 512GB Pro series model.

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