looking to get rid of the bump on the back pocket of your jeans? then cut the regular wallet and go for this super sleek and minimalist Bark Minimalist Cork Wallet. we have seen our fair share of minimal wallets, but the Bark Minimalist Cork Wallet stands out as being crafted from cork fabric, which is something you don’t see every day, and unbeknownst to the masses, this cork fabric is both durable and unique. in short, it could be as good as leather, but less the guilt and not to mention, up your individuality ante by an awesome lot. designed and made in the USA, the Bark Minimalist Cork Wallet is currently up on Kickstarter, seeking your support to make it a reality and it can be yours for a pledge of $25 or more, and you could also score yourself a matching back protector for your iPhone (available for 4/4S and 5) for just 15 bucks. the wallet itself is made from recycled cork and cotton, laser cut and hand-hewn in your choice of stitching colors (choose from red, blue, bronze, or white) in the good’ol US of A. alternatively, you could get both, the Bark wallet and the iPhone back, for just $35 or more. or better still, put down $50 and be rewarded with an iPhone pouch cum card holder, plus an iPhone backing. check out the pledge video below to learn more.

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