We have seen countless numbers of pretty mind-blowing cosplay. Some of which we did managed to feature here and if we missed it, we would usually give it a pass, but there was one remarkably accurate cosplay that somehow managed to slip under our radar and had we lamenting why hadn’t we uncovered this back in 2013 when it appeared. Anyways, I guess there’s no point crying over spilled milk and so, in case you haven’t caught it, here it is, the Blizzcon 2013’s “how do you kill that which has no life” cosplay, or more appropriately “gamer who has no real life.”

In this particularly shiny example of accurate cosplay, a plus-size dude turned up on stage, presumably vying for the most awesome cosplay title, dressed in pretty much guy-next-door attire, but this ain’t just any guy-next-door; he is a gamer and possibly an obsessive one who is in his 30s and still living in his parent’s basement. Partially bald and garbed in a tee which appeared to have not seen laundry for like, forever, and accessorized with a table laid out with a CPU, keyboard and mouse, along with obsessive gamer-requisites like an action figurine, energy drinks (or sodas?), and oh yea, wrist support, presumably due to carpal tunnel from excessive mouse clicking.

And it was not just the getup that’s scarily accurate; his demeanour too counts toward the spot-on depiction. As you may have already guessed, the authenticity of this cosplay has won me over and despite this video being a full three year-old, I insisted on sharing with you guys. After all, we may have missed it amidst the horde of sexily dressed cosplayers. Go ahead and check out the video. Tell me you did not break into laughter or it did not put a smile on your face.

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Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

via 9gag

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