When given a proper bed, humans have the liberty to sleep however we want, be it curling up, sideways, or even face down, but when you fly or commute on a train, there is all but one option: sleeping while seated. Unless you opt for first class seat, a travel pillow is likely the only reprieve you are going to get for this pain in the neck (like, literally) rest time. With conventional travel pillow, it does alleviate your sleeping woe while traveling, but the option is limited, if there’s any option to start with. This is where FaceCradle Travel Pillow wants to make a difference.

FaceCradle Travel Pillow

This rather unusual travel pillow features a large U-shape form that resembles a toilet seat which, together with a locking hinged system, offers you five modes of sleeping, ranging from the conventional to head tilted position to resting on aircraft fold-down table (or any table for that matter). For those who have the penchant of burying their head face down, this Hairy Turtle Pty’s travel pillow allows you to do that too. Sleeping while seated is never a good experience and will never be, but at least, now you know you have options to sleep in your own terms, well, kind of.

There’s coupe of caveats here though; it is not nearly as portable. You can’t really pack FaceCradle into your backpack without it taking up valuable real estate and also, it does not come cheap, coming in at 59 Australian dollars a pop, or about US$44.

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FaceCradle Travel Pillow

FaceCradle Travel Pillow

Images: FaceCradle.

FaceCradle via Business Insider

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