I am sure we are all familiar what a flip book is and I am certain that you know what is a dots-to-dots puzzle game. Now, if you combine this two activities and what you get is Flipboku Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book.

Basically, Flipboku Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book combines the exhilaration of flip book animation with dots-to-dots puzzle. In other words, before you can get to enjoy the animation, you have to join the dots and if so desire, color it, to create the image on each page. Pretty cool, right?

Coming from Mallorca-based Flipboku, the Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book has two volumes with each packing six different animations of numbered dots.

The first volume, ‘Dots’, contains six dot-to-dot puzzles created by renowned animators John R. Dilworth, Andy Bailey (of Andymation), Nacho Rodríguez, The Flippist aka Ben Zurawski, Rocío Álvarez, and Jossie Malis.

Flipboku Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book

The second volume, dubbed ‘Lines’, features six puzzle sequences based on mind-boggling optical illusions, which we are pretty sure your brain will be struggling to figure out what’s going on as you join the dots.

As before, Flipboku has taken to Kickstarter where you can pre-order the Flipboku Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book by backing for a product. Prices start at €29 (or about US$32). The campaign is, as usual, funded and so, a pledge for a product is a pre-order which is expected to ship in June 2020.

Flipboku Dots & Lines Puzzle Flip Book

All images courtesy of Flipboku.

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