Some custom motorcycles are like superheroes. They are all guts and glory, but at the same time, they are as mysterious and elusive as the fictional cape/mask mankind saviours. The 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline-inspired Custom Honda Shadow 600 you see here is one of those awesome, heart-grabbing custom two wheelers. Inspired by the not-so-practical but highly revered 1930 Henderson motorcycle, this replica is apparently the masterpiece of a workshop in Vietnam. Now, that’s the thing. When it comes spectacular customs, Vietnam is probably the last place you expect to find one, but here we are, witnessing this majestic work of art and salivating over it.

So, now you know, Vietnam is not only known for pho and insomnia-inducing dripped coffee; it also have at least one very talented custom bike maker. But therein also lies the problem. Vietnam is not exactly accessible as far as Internet is concerned, well, at least not unless you know the language and this means, we know nothing about this precious except for a few precious details we picked off the web. Even then, it is more like a broken transmission; details are kind of like, how do you say? Segmented? Lets just say that some things may have lost in translation.

Anyways, what we do know is, it has a set of electrically-operated fenders and it is obviously, driven by a Honda Shadow 600 which appears to be pretty much stock but we can’t be sure. It also has an instrument cluster pulled from a classic car and apparently, the entirety took one months to build. Another notable feature is the electronically controlled kickstand, as well as the ability to electronically lowered to prevent toppling over when parked. Well, what can we say? This Vietnam-made replica has totally renewed our interest in the old Henderson.

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More details in this 2015 video posted on YouTube:

Image: screengrab from YouTube video.

YouTube via dirtywheel

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