eVivo! Baby Shrimp Ecosystem

eVivo Baby Shrimp Ecosystem
(photos: Globus International) eVivo! Baby Shrimp Ecosystem | US$40.00 | www.evivo.it

having a dog or cat as pets is nothing out of the ordinary and the same applies even for ornamental fishes. so if you are looking for pets that’s extraordinary, does not beg for your attention and will flourish on its own just like it would in its natural habitat, the eVivo is what you need. it is a complete ecosystem that takes up a tiny footprint, pretty to look at and a perfect tool for getting your young ones started with the science of life, well, at least on the basics. oh, as for the pets, we are talking about shrimps. yeah. that’s right – shrimps. how many times did you hear someone talking about pet shrimps? probably never and thus, the eVivo! will get you inducted into the rare breed of hobbies hall of fame, along side with barbwire collectors. it comes in a kit form that comprises of a 11-cm (4.3-inch) sphere made out of PET, and a complete mini ecosystem that includes sand, gorgonian, shells, plant and a quartet of shrimps. from here, you will need to do some handy works to put it together, including filling it with water along with some salt (included), set up the underwater landscape and just add the shrimps. once this micro aquarium is ready, the business of life begins. the included small pores of micro algae will generate oxygen and food for the inhabitants (i.e. the shrimps) through the process of photosynthesis. the shrimps consume in the oxygen and snack on the micro algae, while producing carbon dioxide that the remaining micro algae feed on and thus, continue to strive. from there, the life cycle repeats itself and goes on and on. oh, and the aerial bacteria within that mini ecosystem takes care of the waste products generated by your lovely shrimps. its a perfect world in there without the distraction of iPads and stuff, and this perfect world is a whole lot cheaper at just $40 per kit.

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